Passion with A Purpose

The De La Mora Academy was started by Danica De La Mora in 2022 as a way to make learning available to anyone regardless of location. The circumstances of 2020 and beyond proved that people need online learning centers in order to feel safe and comfortable, and also to boost morale. Fueled by her desire to enlighten others in areas of her own interest and expertise, she also wanted to collaborate with other instructors in order to broaden available learning material and reach students everywhere.

Enlightening People, Enriching Lives

From art and writing to etiquette and refinement, the De La Mora Academy has much to offer!

Follow Your Passion

Learn and create with our unique courses and put your best self forward!

Expand Your Potential

Be a part of our education site for students worldwide. Teach what you love
and help students learn skills from you with the De La Mora Academy!